All About Me, 2002

All About Me was Jasper Carrott’s second foray into the word of sitcom, his first being “The Detectives”.

The show ran 3 series over 22 episodes between 2002 and 2004.

The ‘me’ in the title refers to Raj, whose thoughts were heard in a voiceover.


The series revolves around a modern family living in the Midlands.

The family comprise: Colin Craddock, a white Brummie builder, his Asian wife Rupinder, Colin’s two sons from his first marriage, Peter and Leo, Rupinder’s half-sister Sima, daughter Kavita and son Raj, a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy.

At the end of the first series Colin and Rupinder have their own child. The third sees the introduction of two new characters called Charles and Miranda, whose attempts at political correctness proves untactful.







Jasper Carrott – Colin Craddock
Meera Syal – Rupinder Craddock (series 1)
Nina Wadia – Rupinder Craddock (series 2 and 3)
Jamil Dhillon – Raj
Ryan Cartwright  – Peter Craddock
Natalia Cappuccini – Sima
Robert Cartin – Leo Craddock
Alina Iqbal – Kavita
Jonty Stephens – Billy
Richard Lumsden – Charles (series 3)
Amanda Root – Miranda (series 3)
Luke Allder – Voice of Raj (series 2and 3)


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Steven Knight
Written By: Steven Knight (2 episodes series 1), Gary Lawson and John Phelps
Original Transmission Dates: 6th March 2002 – 29th October 2004


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