Dr Willoughby, 1999

An often forgotten sitcom from the late nineties featuring Joanna Lumley.

Broadcast on ITV it was Lumley’s first sitcom since Absolutely Fabulous.  Unfortunately the series was not the success that Joannna Lumley might have hoped for.  It was dropped after just one series of six episodes.


Joanna Lumley stars as a brittle, scheming soap diva in this ITV sitcom that followed the lives of the cast of a daytime medical drama, and the production team battling to make the show on a shoestring.

Jealousy, insecurity, egotism and mental instability: the off-screen melodrama of Dr Willoughby is revealed in all its ugliness!








Joanna Lumley – Donna Sinclair
Brian Prothercoe – Ralph Whatman
Isobel Middleton – Emma Goodliffe
Paula Bacon – Crystal Reynolds
Ian Puleeston_Davies – Steve Lipton
Gillian Barge – Mrs Ajax
Tanya Moodie – Geraldine
Ursula Holden – Gill
Scott Hickman – Andy
Michelle Joseph – Kelly
Fritha Goodey – Moira Gatewood


Channel: ITV
Written and Created By: Laurie Rowley
Produced By: Witzend Productions for ITV
Series Producer: Tony Charles
Directed By: David Skinner
Original Transmission Dates: 14th November – 13th December 1999

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