Are You Being Served? Diamonds Are A Man’s Best Friend

Are You Being Served? Diamonds Are A Man’s Best Friend, 1973

Diamonds Are A Man’s Best Friend was the closing episode of the first series of the popular long running sitcom Are You Being Served?

It has a significance in that although the idea came to fruition many years later there is a tenuous link to the spin off series ‘Grace and Favour’.


When a lady customer looses a diamond in the store she advises Mr Rumbold she is prepared to offer a reward of £100 for it’s return.  Rumbold advises the staff of the lady’s loss and that there is a reward of £80 for it’s safe return.

The staff search frantically for the missing diamond. Though they initially all agree to split the reward between them should any one of them find the diamond, greed washes over everyone and, when each believes they have found the missing stone, plots to cheat one another out of the reward money are hatched.







John Inman
Arthur Brough
Frank Thornton
Trevor Bannister
Mollie Sugden
Wendy Richard
Nicholas Smith
Harold Bennett


Channel: BBC1
Written By: David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd
Original Transmission Date: 18th April 1973

Are You Being Served is streaming on Brit Box, repeated regularly on UKTV Drama and GOLD and available on DVD