It’s Not Another Mother In Law Joke It’s…

Brothers In Law, TV and Radio

Brothers In Law was the TV, and later Radio, series inspired by a 1955 comedy novel of the same name.

Adapted for TV by two of the most prolific sitcom writers of the time Frank Muir and Dennis Norden alongside Richard Waring.  The TV series ran for thirteen episodes back in 1962.

In 1970 the book was adapted again this time for radio running for thirty nine episodes from 1970 to 1972.

Brothers In Law marked the first TV appearance of a young Richard Briers.  Episode seven of the TV series “Separation Order”also  gave Yootha Joyce her TV debut.

The final TV episode  led to a spin-off series, Mr Justice Duncannon, featuring Andrew Cruickshank in the title role.

Whilst the radio version still exists in BBC archives, only one episode of the TV version “The Expert Witness” still exists.


The show followed the trials of an idealistic young lawyer entering the legal profession.


Regrettably no clips exist but the series regularly appears on BBC Radio 4 Extra


Richard Briers – Roger Thursby
John Glyn-Jones – Kendall Grimes
June Barry – Sally Mannering (TV)
Julia Lockwood – Sally Mannering (Radio)
John Cazabon – Alec
Colin Gordon – Hugh Chapfield


Channel: BBC TV and BBC Radio 4
Created By: Henry Cecil Leon
Adapted By:
Frank Muir and Dennis Nordan with Richard Waring (TV series)
Richard Waring (Radio)
Original Transmission Dates:
17th April – 10th July 1962 (TV)
9th June 1970 – 17th July 1972 (Radio)

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