Matt Lucas Says He And David Walliams Are Writing Together Again

Comedian Matt Lucas has said that he and long time writing partner David Walliams are writing together again after 12 years.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2’s Zoe Ball Breakfast Show the comedian revealed  that the two had started working together again.

Mat Lucas who presents Fantasy Football league recently stood down as co-host of The Great British Bake Off, whilst David Walliams is rumoured to have quit his judging role on Britain’s Got Talent after allegedly calling an elderly contestant “c—.”



Lucas told Zoe Ball ‘We just started last week. We got together and we started brainstorming.

‘We’ve got an idea for a new show and we need a few more brainstorming sessions but we know what we want the show to be, what the concept of it is.

‘We’re really excited about it. It will be a show with us playing lots of characters.

‘But we have to write the treatment for it and we have to go and pitch it and see if anyone wants to make it.  But if someone wants to make it, we’ll be thrilled to do it.’

Media reports cite an dumbed down version of Little Britain, but judging by Matt Lucas’ comments no such project has been mentioned.



Source and full story Daily Mail