Billy Connolly’s World Tour Of Scotland, 1994

Billy Connolly’s World Tour Of Scotland was the first in a series of four travelogues the comedian made for the BBC.  The other three covered New Zealand, Australia and his tour of England, Ireland and Wales.

First broadcast over six parts in 1994.


Billy Connolly takes you on a tour of his home country as seen through his own eyes.

As he covers the length and breadth of Scotland from Glasgow to Edinburgh, across to the Shetlands and down to the Borders,  Billy shares some of his memories.  He shows the house he was born in, where he worked as a welder, to the place where he lost his virginity!

Billy also looks back at Scotland’s rich history, as he talks about  some of Scotland’s most famous historical events, from the battle of Culloden, to the Tay Bridge disaster.

Being Billy Connolly the documentary is mixed with highlights from his 1994 forty date Scottish tour.


We were unable to find any clips specifically from the show but here’s some classic Billy live.










Billy Connolly


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Billy Connolly
Original Transmission Dates: 12th July – 16th August, 1994

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