Monday Is BBC’s Comedy Hour, But What Do Viewers Think?

It was nice to see the BBC screening two new sitcoms together on Monday night.  But not just any old sitcoms the stars had pedigree.  Martin Clunes from Men Behaving Badly and Steve Coogan reprising his much loved character Alan Partridge.  But What did people make of the long awaited returns?

Warren, BBC1, Mondays at 9pm

The Express Online showed that viewers were generally divided over this.  It just shows how thanks to social media reaction is almost instant.

The Express quoted one viewer on Twitter:

“Waiting for the jokes. so far it’s just an old guy complaining. there’s nothing funny about that. #warren.”

Another added: “#warren sorry to say but first 10 mins and nothing remotely funny,” with a third remarking: “Is this #warren supposed to be a comedy?”

However it wasn’t all bad, positive comments included:

“this looks so good i’ve been so excited to see it #warren.”

Adding to the praise for the show, a third remarked: “#Warren had me laughing in the first 30 seconds at the petrol pump.”

Another commented: “I think the BBC have found the next big comedy. Five minutes in & it’s looking like a superb comedy. #Warren.”



Warren continues on BBC1 on Monday nights

This Time, With Alan Partridge, Mondays at 9.30pm

The long awaited return of Alan Partridge.  Generally critics seem to have given this the thumbs up, with the BBC trumping critics five stars.  However The Guardian Online had a lot to say with a generally mixed bag of comments.  One said ‘There was a lot of promise’  Another thought ‘Too clean and realistic’.  One reader said ‘I didn’t laugh once, which is rather spectacular’

You can read the full reviews at the Guardian




This Time with Alan Partridge continues Monday nights on BBC1



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