Blackadder Goes Forth – 1989

Blackadder goes Forth was  the fourth and final series of Richard Curtis and Ben Elton’s popular comedy.  There would be one final outing for the character but that was 11 years away, to celebrate the millenium.

The series continued it’s historical theme, this time set during the final years of the First World War (1914 – 1918).

Despite concerns that the comedy series might trivialise the events of 1914—1918, the series won widespread acclaim on its release and won the British Academy Television Award for Best Comedy Series in 1989.

Blackadder Goes Forth has gone on to become the most popular of the series and in 2000 it ranked 16th  in a list of the 100 Greatest British Television Programs compiled by the British Film Institute.

However, it has come in for regular  criticism by historians for presenting an oversimplified view of the war, reinforcing the popular notion of “lions led by donkeys”

On a serious note, despite it’s popularity as a sitcom, it surely deserves note that whatever your view, aside from the comedy, it serves to remind us that even though it’s over 100 years since the end of The Great War, of just how grim life was for those who served in the trenches and the huge sacrifice made by those who fought.


Blackadder is now a Captain in the British Army,  The time: Flanders during World War I.

The series  follows their various doomed attempts to escape from the trenches to avoid certain death under the misguided command of General Melchett

. The series was particularly noted for its criticism of the British Army leadership during the campaign, and also references a number of famous figures of the age. Perhaps the series is best remembered for the poignant ending of the final episode.







Rowan Atkinson
Tony Robinson
Hugh Laurie
Stephen Fry
Tim McInnerny


Channel: BBC 1
Written By: Richard Curtis and Ben Elton
Produced By: John Lloyd
Original Transmission Dates: 28th September 1989 – 2nd November 1989

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All 4 BBC series are available to stream on Britbox

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