We’re reminded as we look back over 60 years of British sitcoms that many of the stars and those that were involved have either passed on or are getting on.

Sadly today it was announced that Donald Sinden had died aged 90.  During the 70’s he starred in the hugely popular Two’s Company with Elaine Stritch, in the 80’s Spitting Image regularly poked fun at him, but perhaps one of his finest moments was playing Simon Peel in the classic Never The Twain, certainly one of ITV’s funniest sitcoms.

Also in the news is the sad death of John Bardon, best known for his role as Jim Branning in Eastenders, he also popped up in Jim Davison’s 80’s sitcom Up The Elephant And Round The Castle as Jim London’s Dad.

Never The twain and Up The Elephant And Round The Castle are featured in our archives.

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