Bullseye, 1981

Remember Sunday evenings, Jim Bowen and his famous catchphrase, “You can’t beat a bit of Bully”

Bullseye was the hugely popular game show that originally ran from 1981 – 1995, where it was hosted by Jim Bowen of The Comedians fame.  It was revived in 2006 for digital channel Challenge for one series this time hosted by another comedian – Dave Spikey.

When it was originally aired in 1981 Bullesye went out on a Monday night. In 1982 it was moved to Sunday nights where it remained until 1993, during this time the show was regularly watched by 17 million viewers.  From 1994 to it’s final series of the original run in 1995 it went out on a Sunday afternoon.

From the second series in 1982, Jim Bowen was joined by a co host Tony Green, a professional darts commentator.

Currently recovering well from a stroke in 2011 Jim Bowen has expressed his desire to bring the popular show back.


The show was centred around the game of darts, the show placed three pairs of contestants (each team with one person to answer questions and one darts player) against one another to win prizes ranging from a new car, a speedboat, a caravan, or a luxury holiday, to the consolation prizes of a set of darts, a tankard (silver goblet for lady contestants) and a ‘Bendy Bully’, a rubber model of the show’s mascot.

The show produced some of Bowen’s most famous catchphrases: “Super” “Smashing” “Great” and the most famous of all “Have a look at what you would have won”









Hosted By

Jim Bowen and Tony Green (1981 – 1995)
Dave Spikey and Tony Green (2006)


Channel: ITV and Challenge
Created By: Andrew Wood
Produced By
ATV (1981)
Central (1982–1995)
Granada Yorkshire (2006)
Original Transmission Dates:
28th September 1981 – 8th July 1995 (Jim Bowen)
17th April 2006 – 19th May 2007

On Television

Digital channel Challenge show regular repeats of the show.

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