Round The Horne

Round The Horne 1965 – 1968

Round The Horne was the classic Radio Comedy that ran for four series of sixty six, thirty minute episodes on the BBC Light Program (now Radio 2) from 1965 – 1968.

Recorded at the Paris Theatre in London and created by Barry Took and Marty Fieldman, other writers contributed to later series after Fieldman returned to performing. It had musical interludes by the Fraser Hayes Four with accompaniment by Edwin Braden and the Hornblowers, except for the fourth series, when the musical duties were performed by The Max Harris Group.

Promoting the planned fifth series of Round the Horne, Kenneth Horne fell from the stage after suffering a fatal heart attack whilst hosting the annual Guild of Television Producers’ and Directors’ Awards; The series could not continue without him and was withdrawn.

A 2002 BBC radio survey to find listeners’ favourite British comedian placed Horne third, behind Tony Hancock and Spike Milligan.

Today the series is reguarly repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra a digital radio station.


Each week the show would feature sketches parodying a different subject, several catchphrases and many memorable characters, such as rumbling Sid Rumpole and not forgetting Julian and Sandy.






Kenneth Horne
Betty Marsden
Hugh Paddick
Bill Pertwee (Series 1-3)
Kenneth Williams


Radio Channel: BBC Light Program/ Radio2
Announcer: Douglas Smith
Written By:
Barry Took (Series 1-3)
Marty Fieldman (Series 1-3_
Johnnie Mortimer (Series 4)
Brian Cooke (Series 4)
Donald Webster (Series 4)
Produced By: Jakes Brown and John Simmonds
Original Transmission Dates: 7th March 1965 – 9th June 1968