Ray’s A Laugh, 1949

Ted Ray was the popular British comedian of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  He’s probably best remembered for his Radio Show “Ray’s A Laugh”.

Real name Charlie Olden, in his early career as a music hall performer he would play the violin badly as part of his act Nedio the Gypsy Violinist.

In 1949 he started his own BBC Radio show As Ted Ray.  The show “Ray’s A Laugh” became hugely popular.  It would continue it’s run until 1961.


Ray’s A laugh was a domestic comedy with musical interludes and featured one or two well known names in supporting roles during the early part of their careers.

Based around the fictitious Cannon Enquiry Agency, characters would include Ray’s wife (played by Kitty Bluett), his brother-in-law (played by Fred Yule).  An early appearance by Kenneth Connor as Sidney Mincing and billing himself as an impressionist a young 23 year old Peter Sellers.

In later series the focus moved to Ray’s new departure as a reporter for the Daily Bugle and the musical items were dropped.








Ted Ray
Peter Sellers
Kenneth Connor
Kitty Bluett
Pat Coombs
Laidman Browne
Charles Leno
Graham Stark
Jack Watson
Percy Edwards


Radio Channel: BBC Light Programme
Transmission: 1949 – January 1961

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