Common As Muck

Common As Muck, 1994

BAFTA nominated Common As Muck was a BBC comedy-drama.

Featuring an all star cast it ran for two series of six episodes each in 1994 and 1997.  A number of new characters were introduced to series two, all played by veteran comedy actors.


Set in the North of England, the show followed the trials and tribulations of a group of Refuse Collectors brought together by their common love of their job.

In series one we follow their struggles against moves by the local council to privatise the refuse collection of the fictional town in which the series is set.

In series two the story moves away from a refuse collection theme as it shows the main characters being made redundant.  Subsequently the story follows on showing the characters as they adapt to redundancy and experiment with a number of different jobs including: window cleaners, painters and decorators and in the case of Nev Smith it’s not just redundancy, it’s retirement after serving 45 years on the bins.












cast included:

Edward Woodward – Nev Smith
Neil Dudgeon – Ken Andrews
Roy Hudd – John Parry
Tim Healy – Foxy
Kathy Burke Sharon
June Whitfield – Irene Watson
Paul Shane – Mike Roberts


Channel: BBC1
Created and Writen By: William Ivory
Original Transmission Dates: 7th September 1994 – 12th February 1997