Bless This House – The Movie – 1972

Of all the TV spin off movies this one of the better ones as it stands up well on it’s own, even without being a spin off from the TV series.

In common with many of the hit TV comedies of the day Bless This House gets the big screen treatment.  It featured many of the original cast from the TV Show, but some were missing or replaced.  With a script by Dave Freeman (The Benny Hill Show) and the production team of Carry On maestros Gerald Thomas and Peter Rogers the film version was bound to be a success.


Chaos ensues for the Abbot family when they are graced by the arrival of new next-door neighbours. Things don’t exactly get off to a good start due to some accidental property destruction on Sid’s part, particularly when the newly-arrived neighbours catch them trying to clean up.  Just to make maters worse, Sally – a fanatical anti-pollution campaigner – soaks them all with the garden hose in a bid to put out a smoking garden bonfire.

All Sid wants to do is enjoy a quiet, peaceful lie-in with time to pursue his wine-making hobby with his pal, Trevor Lewis. But what with the neighbour troubles and his wife’s new-found passion to run an antique stall, it doesn’t seem at all likely he’s going to get his wish…





Sid James
Diana Coupland
Terry Scott
June Whitfield
Peter Butterworth


Written By: Dave Freeman
Produced By: Peter Rogers
Directed By: Gerald Thomas
Year Of Release: 1972




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