George And Mildred, The Twenty-Six Year Itch, 1979

One ITV’s finest, George and Mildred started in 1976 running for five series.

A sixth and final series had been planned but the sad death of Yootha Joyce put a stop  to the plan.

During the run there were three festive specials.  The 1979 special was the final episode of series five and would become the very last George and Mildred episode.


George takes a shine to Beryl, the new barmaid at the local pub. After she tells him that she is a widow, he claims to be a widower.

Meanwhile Mildred attends the Young Conservatives’ Christmas dinner and dance with Jeffrey after Ann has already made plans, along with their sons, to visit her Mother.

In true comedy tradition things do not go according to plan.  Mildred leaves the dinner early by taxi after accidentally spilling her drink on her dress. George meanwhile has taken Beryl to the Fourmiles’, pretending that it is his house, letting himself in with the key he was given.

George admits to Beryl that he is married, and goes home. Mildred is angry with George when he calls her Beryl.





George Roper – Brian Murphy
Mildred Roper – Yootha Joyce
Jeffrey Fourmile – Norman Ashley
Ann Fourmile – Sheila Fearn
Tristram Fourmile – Nicholas bond-Owen
Beryl – Patsy Rowlands


Channel: ITV
Written By: Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer
Original Transmission Date: 25th December 1979

Where To Watch

All episodes available to stream on ITVX