Week Ending, 1970

Week Ending was a long running radio series that took a satirical look at the current affairs of the time.  The series was broadcast on a Friday night and whilst it ran for twenty eight years we have  been  unable to find out just how many series and episodes were actually made.

During it’s run Week Ending would usually be taken off air during election campaigns.  However there were certain times, when sensitivities eased, it was allowed to remain on air.  These were 1987, 1992 and 1997.  Of course in the interests of not being seen as biased rigid levels of political balance were applied.

BBC World Service routinely broadcast a highlights program once a month, during the 1980’s and 90’s.  This would typically include sketches from Week Ending episodes transmitted during the previous four weeks.

There was also an annual highlights show broadcast for many years this was entitled “Two Cheers For…” the year.


The show was written and recorded shortly before the first broadcast and satirised events of that week.

Each show would conclude with a selection of one liners introduced as: “And now here is Next Week’s News”.  However this collection of one-liners was abandoned in the early nineties in favour of short gags scattered throughout the show.







Regular Performers

David Jason
Bill Wallis
Nigel Rees
David Tate
Jon Glover
Sheila Steafal
Alison Steadman
Tracey Ullman
Toby longworth
Chris Emmett
Sally Grace


Channel: BBC Radio 4
Devised By: Simon Brett and David Hatch
Written By: Various
Original Years Of Transmission: 1970 – 1998

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