Hancock’s Half Hour, Sunday Afternoon At Home, 1958

There was a time when Sundays really were “dead boring” The shops were shut the pubs didn’t open all day.  Seems hard to believe in this age of 24/7, but in the 1950’s that was exactly what it was like.

In  ‘Sunday Afternoon At Home’ Galton and Simpson’s brilliant script perfectly illustrates the boredom of a wet Sunday Afternoon.


Griselda Pugh: Ooh look! It’s started raining!

Hancock: That’s all we wanted. You watch, it’ll go dark in a minute, we’ll have to switch the lights on. I think I’ll go to bed.

And so we are treated to a miserable Sunday afternoon at 23 Railway Cuttings.

Stuck indoors, Hancock tries to  while away a wet Sunday afternoon in complete boredom.  Then the neighbour calls….

There’s a brilliant line where the lad has go at Miss Pugh’s cooking” …I thought my mother was a bad cook, but at least her gravy used to move about. Yours just sort of lies there and sets”.









Tony Hancock
Sid James
Bill Kerr
Hattie Jacques
Kenneth Williams


Channel: BBC Light Programme
Written By; Ray Galton And Alan Simpson
Original Transmission Date: 22nd April 1958


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