Silence Lucas ’Is Key In Matt Lucas’ New Show

Matt Lucas is to play the title role in Pompidou about an oddball aristocrat fallen on hard times and reduced to living in a caravan in front of his crumbling mansion.

The show, dubbed “a visual comedy” by the BBC, has a script mainly made up of gibberish with a few coherent catchphrases. Whilst a little unusual in this day and age, it’s nothing new, Ronnie Barker starred in Futtock’s End, Eric Sykes did three silent shows Rhubarb Rhubarb, Mr H is late and The Plank.

He said: “This is the show I’ve always wanted to make and I can’t wait to start filming.”

Inbetweeners actor Alex McQueen will play his long-suffering butler Hove, while former Russ Abbot star Emberg, Barraclough and Asher will have cameo roles.

BBC comedy boss Shane Allen said: “Matt has worked incredibly hard on creating a unique comedy universe for Pompidou. Only someone of his immense talent and experience could achieve something that feels so modern and inventive which also has an underlying nod to past classic comedy masters like Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy. It’s rare to have a comedy the whole family can enjoy together.”

Six episodes will be broadcast early 2015.