Honey For Tea, 1994

Honey For Tea was a short-lived sitcom first broadcast in 1994 and lasting just 6 episodes.

Whilst it starred Felicity Kendal the series failed to catch on with one critic describing Felicity Kendal’s attempt at an American accent as “Britain’s revenge for Dick VanDyke’s cockney accent in Mary Poppins”


On the death of her husband Harry, a Los Angeles, businessman, his wife American Nancy Belasco and her son Jake find themselves insolvent. They discover much of his money is invested in St Maud’s College at Cambridge University.

Nancy, who was born in Cambridge and son Jake decide to go and live in Cambridge.

Once there Nancy uses her late husband’s influence to get a job as an assistant bursar.  She also persuades Master of the College, Sir Dickie Hobhouse, to admit Jake on a sports scholarship, leading to clashes between Nancy and Professor Simon Latimer, who knows Jake doesn’t have the academic prowess to warrant his place.

Think the story so far is complicated? there’s also a culture clash romance when Jake becomes involved with the aristocratic Hon. Lucy Courtney.







Felicity Kendal – Nancy Belasco
Nigel Le Vaillant – Professor Simon Latimer
Leslie Phillips – Sir Dickie Hobhouse
Patrick McCollough – Jake Belasco
Caroline Harker – The Hon. Lucy Courtney


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Michael Aitkens
Original Transmission Dates: 13th March – 24th April 1994

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