Perhaps one of the best game shows TV has produced in recent years.  Keep It In The Family (not to be confused with the sitcom of the same name) is the perfect family game show.

First aired in 2014 on a Sunday night it fast became popular enough to warrent a primetime Saturday night slot for series two.  However at the time of this post there were no announcements about a third series.


Contestants comprise: two families of four participate in a series of rounds for the chance to win prizes, including a family holiday.

The children take the lead in the show rather than the parents. The rounds feature family members nominated for routines, dressing up as TV characters and trying to guess phrases based on clues given by grandmothers.

For the final round celebrities appear on a raised stage and may be dropped down a trapdoor depending on the prizes chosen by the contestants.






Hosted By: Bradley Walsh


Channel: ITV
Produced By: ITV Studios
Original Transmission Dates: 26th October 2014 – present



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