Get Some In, Christmas Special 1975

Christmas At The Camp, Get Some In Christmas Special, 1975

There were five series of this popular sitcom, yet only ever one Christmas Special.  The first series of seven episodes had finished on the 27th November 1975 and had been well received.  Christmas Day 1975 and ITV broadcast the first and only Christmas episode.

That series one effectively climaxed with a special Christmas Day episode, shows just how popular the show had become in such a short space of time.  Despite this it’s surprising that there was only one festive edition in five series.

Christmas At The Camp got a repeat showing on ITV in the early ’90’s on Christmas Day morning as part of a retro comedy package that also included a festive ‘Nearest & Dearest’.  To our knowledge the last time ‘Get Some In’ was screened was on the now defunct Forces TV freeview television channel.


Christmas Day at R.A.F. Skelton and the camp is mostly deserted.  Corporal Marsh has put Leckie, Richardson, Lilley and Smith on guard duty.  As the camp is all but desserted it makes for a boring time for the lads.

Meanwhile, Marsh is looking forward to his turkey dinner, but Alice is drunk and unable to cook. In desperation Marsh enlists the aid of the ‘erks’ to ensure his dinner goes ahead as planned…









Tony Selby – Corporal Percy Marsh
Robert Lindsay – Jakey Smith
David Janson – Ken Richardson
Brian Pettifer – Bruce Leckie
Gerard Ryder – Matthew Lilley


Channel: ITV
Written By: John Esmonde and Bob Larbey
Original Transmission Date: 25th December, 1975