Last Of The Summer Wine, Where Are They Now? Part 4

Last Of The Summer Wine, Where Are They Now? Part 4, The Next Generation

For this post we are focussing on the male characters that came in to replace an aging cast.  In another post we’ll look at  the next generation of female characters.

Videos show the characters in the show but are not necessarily from the character’s introduction.

When Bill Owen passed away it was decided the show must go on.  Initially Truly and Clegg team up with Billy Hardcastle, a character who believes he’s a direct descendant of Robin Hood.  He had previously been introduced the series before.


After the passing of Bill Owen it was decided to discover he had a son whom he’d only just found out about shortly before his death.  Enter Tom Simmonite played by Bill’s real life son Tom Owen.

Tom was initially accompanied by his associate Mrs Avery and Babs, both characters left after 2 series and Tom teamed up with Smiler in the employ of Auntie Wainwright.

Whilst Tom Owen stayed with the show until the end he sadly passed away in November 2022.

In 2003 still going strong. The main trio still consists of Truly, Clegg and Billy.  However in the second episode entitled “The Lair of the Cat Creature” a new adventurer joins the cast.  Brian Murphy plays Alvin.  By Season 25 the trio is now joined on a regular basis by Alvin.

In season 23 we’d seen the final appearance of another long standing character; Wesley bowed out quietly in the last episode, this was due to Gordon Wharmby passing away in May 2002, he had been due to appear in season 24.

So in episode 3 of season 24 we meet his replacement Entwhistle



As season 27 drew to a close in 2006 the now established quartet of Truly, Clegg, Billy and Alvin was about to undergo another change as Keith Clifford who played Billy left the show.

Once again it was a trio: truly, Clegg and Alvin.


Russ Abbott joins

Almost 10 years after Bill Owen’s passing the show was still going strong but the lead cast were getting no younger.  Enter Russ Abbott as Hobbo who forms a new trio consisting of Entwhistle and Alvin alongside himself.  Due to the age of the actors Truly and Clegg take a more back seat role with most of their scenes confined to indoors and limited walking.

This new trio would be the final line up change until the show ended in 2010.

Where Are They Now?

Since 2010 of the various main trio line ups only Russ Abbott, Keith Clifford and Brian Murphy are still with us (at the time of this post).

Truly played by Frank Thornton died in 2013, Norman Clegg, who had been part of every episode from day 1, was played by Peter Sallis, he died in 2017, Entwhistle who arrived in 2003 was played by Burt Kwok (of Pink Panther films fame) he died in 2016.  Tom Owen who played Tom Simmonite (Compo’s son) died in 2022.