Fascination With A Bottle

Last Of The Summer Wine, Follow that Bottle, 2006

For a change we thought we’d look back at a Last Of The Summer Wine Episode featuring one of the revised troupe following the passing of Bill Owen.

We go back to 2006 and series 27 of the long running sitcom that at the time showed no signs of slowing down.

We now have four lead characters in the form of Truly, Clegg, Billy and Alvin.

Follow that Bottle was the first episode of the new season and was the first to be broadcast in High Definition.


Intrigued by a note in a bottle floating down the river, Clegg, Truly, Billy and Alvin recruit Entwistle to help them intercept it.



Truly – Frank Thornton
Clegg – Peter Sallis
Billy Hardcastle –  keith Clifford
Alvin – Brian Murphy
Howard – Robert Fyfe
Pearl – Juliette Kaplain
Ivy – Jane Freeman
Nora Batty – Kathy Staff
Barry – Mike Grady
Brenda  – Sarah Thomas
Nellie – June Whitfield
Auntie Wainwright – Jean Alexander


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Roy Clarke
Produced and Directed By; Alan J.W. Bell
Original Transmission Date: 5th March 2006