the cast of the bbc tv series are you being served?

Life Experience And The Sitcom

How Life Experience Has Brought Us Some Of Our Best Sitcoms.

Whilst the above may not be true of every great sitcom it’s certainly true for some of the greats as we’ll find out in this post.

Open All Hours

Whilst lunching with writer Roy Clarke, Ronnie Barker told him he’d always wanted to play one of those shopkeepers who sells everything.  Roy Clarkes’ wife had worked in just such a shop, so he was able to draw on her experiences in creating one of our best loved sitcom characters ‘Arkwright’





Written by David Croft and Jimmy Perry.  Again this classic drew on real life experience.

This time it was Jimmy Perry who after being de-mobbed from the Army became a Butlins Redcoat during the holiday season.




Dad’s Army

An all time classic again based on real life experience, again from Jimmy Perry who himself had served in the Home Guard during World War 2.




Are You Being Served?

One of our best loved sitcoms it was saucy, laced with innuendos but we howled with laughter.  Written by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd the characters in the series were inspired by Jeremy Lloyd’s time as a junior assistant in the menswear department in a large London department store.

In today’s woke world any kind of life experience might upset someone so it’s unlikely we’ll see comedy of this nature again.