Well 2015 has been and gone.  We’ve said goodbye to the last remaining cast member from Are You Being Served? Nicholas Smith, we’ve said goodbye to the actor who brought us the iconic Alf Garnett – Warren Mitchell.

On the more up beat side, after it’s success in 2014 The Missing Hancocks took four more shows to the Edinburgh Fringe featival and recorded five further episodes broadcast late this year.  Catch the last three here whilst you can.  Granville opened his doors for a second series of Still Open All Hours, this is becoming a classic. We finally got a glimpse of the new Dad’s Army Movie.

As the year drew to a close the BBC began to wet our apetite for what could be one of the most exciting years for sitcom for some time.

So 2016.  Well there’s thev remaining four episodes of Still Open All Hours to enjoy.  Mrs Brown’s Boys is back for a New Year special and a live special in June.  February 5th sees the release of the much anticipated Dad’s Army film.

Although no dates have been released we are told rthat to celebrate Hancock’s Half Hour TV show being 60 a series of special programs have been commissioned by the BBC.  These include: a remake of Porridge, this time it’s Fletch’s son in trouble.  A prequel to Keeping Up Appearences focuses on a young Hyacinth.  Earlier this year Michelle Dotrice let slip that she was working with Michael Crawford again, she wasn’t giving anything away but hinted Frank could be about to return.  On Hancock’s Half Hour rumours are circulating that there may be a remake in the pipeline but no details or teasers have been made public, of course the BBC have said publicly that the anniversdary will se a number of projects under consideraton but no further details were given.

Our posts sart again January 4th and we have an exciting project planned for this year that wil run throughout the year futher details soon.

Finally on Hancock again, watch out for a chance to win a copy of the complete scripts book signed by the writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.


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