Mog, 1985

If you were watching TV in 1985, you may remember this sitcom that usually went out around 4pm Sunday afternoons.

Mog was a TV sitcom based on a novel of the same name from 1970.  The lead character Mog was supposed to have been played by comedy legend Marty Feldman who unfortunately died before production started.

Among the writing team for the series were Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais

Whilst not a huge success the show ran for thirteen episodes over two series between 1985 and 1986.


Mog is a career criminal (a cat burglar, hence the Mog – Moggy nickname) who can’t give up his trade.

In order to avoid prison, Mog fakes insanity and gets himself committed to the Briardene mental hospital.   As the security at Briardene is less stringent than it would be in Prison, he has no difficulty popping out of the insane asylum at night in order to pull off his burglary jobs, then sneaking back into the asylum (his absence undetected) along with his haul.







Enn Reitel – Mog
Tim Wylton – F.K. Henderson
Catherine Schell – Mrs Mortenson
Christopher Villiers – Oliver
Alan Shearman – Captain Greenaway
Malcom Fredrick –  Earl
Toni Palmer – Mrs Williams
Abigail Cruttenden – Miranda


Channel: Channel 4
Created By: Peter Tinniswood
Written By: Various
Original Transmission Dates: 26th May 1985 – 16th August 1986

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