The Two Ronnies – By The Sea

The Two Ronnies – By The Sea – 1982

“By The Sea” is an often forgotten short silent film, with sound effects and musical score from  Ronnie Hazlehurst (famed BBC composer) starring Messrs Barker and Corbett, screened by the BBC at Easter, 1982.

It was the follow up to a similar project with the same characters ‘The Picnic’ the film relies entirely on visual gags, the humour  was very much based on the colourful style of the Great British Seaside Postcard, of which Ronnie Barker was a great collector.

Before it was screened the BBC asked producer Alan J.W. Bell, the director of Last of the Summer Wine, to make improvements to the film.

The result was no scenes were re-shot, but the film was re-structured and  Ronnie Hazlehurst was commissioned to write an original music score.  For additional comic effect, the film was slightly speeded-up.


Set on the Dorset coast in “Tiddly Cove” (actually the coast between Bournemouth and Swanage).  The extended family of “The General”, played by Barker, go on an eventful seaside holiday.









Ronnie Barker
Ronnie Corbett
Barbara New
Madge Hindle
Debbi Blythe


Channel: BBC1
Created By:  Ronnie Barker
(as Dave Huggett and Larry Keith)
Original Transmission Date: 12th April 1982