Irish comedian Jimmy Cricket famous for his letters from me mammy and those wellies

Jimmy Cricket – And There’s More

Jimmy Cricket – And There’s More, 1985

By the mid 1980’s a certain Irish comedian with his tuxedo and wellies had become a household name – Jimmy Cricket.  It was fitting therefore that he should have his own TV show.

In 1985 he appeared in his own TV show aptly titled “And There’s More” The show went out on ITV prime time Saturday nights and ran for three years between 1985 and 1988.


The show was a mixture of the stand up routines (letters from me mammy, c’mere) that had made him a household name and sketches.









Starring: Jimmy Cricket


Channel: ITV
Written By:
Charlie Adams   
Ray Alan        
Ray Martine        
Trevor McCallum      
Tim Whitnall        
Eddie Braben    
Original Transmission Dates: 28th June 1985 – May 28th 1988

All these years later and he’s still going strong catch up with Jimmy Cricket.