Moonlighting, 1985

There was a time during the 1980’s viewers couldn’t get enough American TV.  Miami Vice was huge as was Cheers.  Moonlighting was another show that really caught on, indeed in 2012 our own UK TV magazine “TV Guide” included the characters of Maddie and David in a list of the best TV couples of all time.

The show was originally screened in the USA on ABC from 1985 and on BBC2 in the UK with episodes running a few months behind.  Between 1985 and 1989 Moonlighting ran for 5 series through 66 episodes.  It became notable for making a star of a certain Bruce Willis and relaunching the career of Cybil Shepherd after a run of less than successful projects.

The show was a huge success with no less than 16 Emmy nominations.  However as time went on the show began to decline in popularity.  Bruce Willis made the movie Die Hard making him a major movie star and less interested in TV.  Cybil Shepherd was missing for a chunk of season 4 as she took a break to have twins.  By the time the two lead actors were re-united on screen ratings had declined and by the final season neither star was committed to the project.  Willis was keen to do more movies whilst Shepherd who had not long given birth to twins found the schedule tiring.

The series was cancelled in May 1989, but it was funny whilst it lasted.


When former model Maddie Hayes finds herself bankrupt as a result of her accountant embezzling her liquid assets she finds herself saddled with several failing businesses one of which is City of Angels Detective Agency.  This is run by a carefree David Addison who persuades Maddie to keep the Agency and run in partnership with him.

City Of Angels becomes Blue Moon Investigations and the fun begins.   The storylines revolve around that week’s case and the chaotic way in which it’s dealt with, but there is the added comedy that arises from the sexual tension between the two lead characters.  The series became noted for the characters breaking the fourth wall.







David Addison – Bruce Willis
Maddie Hayes – Cybil Shepherd
Agnes DiPesto – Alyce Beasley


Channel: ABC (USA), BBC2 (UK)
Created By: Glen Gordon Caron
Original Transmission Dates (USA): March 3rd , 1985 – May 14th, 1989

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