Absolutely Fabulous, Happy New Year, 1995

Absolutely Fabulous Happy New Year was a New year themed episode of the much loved sitcom, screened in April 1995 as part of the third series.


Eddy and Patsy are about to go to a New Year’s party when Patsy’s older sister Jackie arrives.

Claiming to be homeless Jackie asks to stay at Eddy’s until she can gather the money to start a shelter for stray animals.   In a vein attempt to help her sister  Patsy raids Eddy’s belongings looking for things Jackie can sell to raise money.  However, by the time she has finished and shown Jackie out, it’s too late to go to the party.








Jennifer Saunders
Joanna Lumley
Julia Sawalha
June Whitfield
Kate O’Mara


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Jennifer Saunders
Original Transmission Date: 6th April 1995




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