Jennifer Saunders Speaks Out!

Earlier this week the media seized upon comments made by Ab-Fab star Jennifer Saunders, who appeared to speak for a nation of comedy lovers when, at a talk she was giving at a West End theatre, she said “I remember jokes”  She was referring to the ‘woke’ society we seem to have become, where everything is so sensitive and we strive for balance between male, female, black, white.

Saunders was remarking how in this current climate many of the gags we couldn’t get enough of in her hit sitcom “Absolutely Fabulous” wouldn’t make the grade.  She said that the potential to cause controversy in today’s world had effectively rendered comedy sterile.  “I think people do talk themselves out of stuff now because everything is sensitive.” said the comic writer and actress and she’s quite right.

Today with he many digital TV and radio stations there is a great chance to catch up on some of the all time greats.  However you have to wonder what sort of society we have become when we can’t look back at comic genius without being warned as the show begins “contains attitudes and humour of the time” this was heard preceding an episode of Steptoe and Son on BBC Radio 4 Extra.   It reminded us that she is not lone in her opinions, we spoke to two of the most influential and successful script writers from years gone by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson back in 2014.  Even back then they remarked how their international hit Steptoe and Son would not get made today as it would be seen as ageist.




There seems no end to the crusade to destroy our rich comedy heritage and replace it with balanced politically correct ‘woke’ output that throws very few future classics.

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