Nuns On The Run, 1990

In tribute to Robbie Coltrane, 1950- 2022

This British Comedy classic starred two comedy heavyweights: Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane.  It was produced by ex Beatle George Harrison’s Handmade Films.

The film has received mixed reviews from critics both here and in the USA, where it was criticised for “a lack of depth and excessive use of nuns for humour”


Brian and Charlie work for a gangster. When their boss learns they want to “leave”, events take  a sinister turn as he sets them up to be killed,

After helping rob the local Triads of their drug dealing profits. Brian and Charlie decide to steal the money for themselves. However when their escape doesn’t go quite according to plan, they are forced to seek refuge in a Nuns’ teacher training school. Disguised as nuns,

Now in hiding and ‘habits’ Brian and Charlie have to avoid their boss, Triads, police and Brian’s girlfriend. There’s also the problem of them being men disguised as nuns in an all women institution.







Eric Idle
Robbie Coltrane
Janet Suzman


Written and Directed By: Jonathan Lynn
Produced By: Michael White
Production Company: Handmade Films
Original UK Release Date: 16th March 1990