Only Fools And Horses – It Never Rains, 1982

Set in Spain, the episode was actually filmed in Dorset.  Studland Bay, near Bournemouth was used for the beach.

It Never Rains was the sixth episode of series two.  Broadcast in 1982 it attracted 9.5 million viewers.  In this episode the Trotters head off to Spain, the holiday is going fine until Grandad gets arrested.

The episode featured a cameo role for Anthony Jackson, of Bless This House and Renataghost fame, playing a Spanish prison guard.


Del’s latest line of sun hats is struggling, due to a  continuing downpour keeping most of Peckham indoors.  So it’s off to the Nag’s head to drown their sorrows.

Whilst there they find another entrepreneur whose business is struggling: Alex the travel agent.  He says business is so slow that he can’t give away holidays at the moment.  Del leaps on this and suggests offering an 80% discount on a holiday to the next customer in his shop.

Who should the next customer be ? One Derek Trotter.  As it turns out the 80% discount comes at a price: it only applies to a grotty hotel in Benidorm.  Whilst the package does not include Grandad, Del and Rodney reluctantly pay for Grandad to join them on their escape to the sun.

Whilst on holiday everything is going well, sun, sea and talent – until Grandad gets arrested.  He tells Del he thinks the arrest is for an old incident ‘during the war.’ – but Del is not happy after parting with cash to bribe the prison guard to release Grandad, only to find that Grandad has been released without charge as he was only arrested for jay-walking.









David Jason  –  Del Boy
Nicholas Lyndhurst  –  Rodney
Lennard Pearce  –  Grandad
Jim McManus  –  Alex
Anne Bruzac  –  French girl
Jillianne Foot –  English girl
Michael Attwell  –  English man
Anthony Jackson  –  Spanish guard


Channel: BBC1
Written By: John Sullivan
Produced and Directed By: Ray Butt
Original Transmission Date: 25th November, 1982



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