Holiday On The Buses – 1973

All the gang are back for the third and final (perhaps the best) film spin off of the hugely popular TV comedy series, this time set in a holiday camp.


After a series of incidents at the bus depot, Stan, Jack and Inspector Blake are sacked.

Stan and Jack get a job as bus crew at a holiday camp, only to find that Blakey has also got a job at the camp, as security inspector.

Stan invites the family to stay whilst he proceeds to chat up the guests and staff.  Meanwhile, Blakey thinks he can teach the guests old time dancing.

As you would expect with the Butler family things don’t quite go smoothly.  It’s not long before the holiday turns into a nightmare as Stan and the family get into a series of misadventures, including repainting the whole of a bedroom as Little Arthur squirts ink around the room, a suitcase full of murky river water, and an exploding toilet.

Almost certainly the best of the three spin off movies.










Reg Varney
Bob Grant
Stephen Lewis
Doris Hare
Anna Karen
Michael Robbins


Written and Produced By: Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe for Hammer Films
Directed By: Bryan Izzard
Distributed By: MGM-EMI
Release Date: 26th December 1973


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