Only Fools And Horses, The Musical, 2019

Only Fools And Horses remains Britain’s favourite sitcom.  The original stars got together for one last short sketch for Sports relief alongside David Beckham, that was back in 2014.

Fast forward five years and it seems that the late, great John Sullivan had still been working on ideas for Only Fools before his death in 2011.  One of those ideas was a possible musical.

It was back in 2018, that John Sullivan’s son Jim Sullivan said, “Back in 2010 my Dad had been toying with the possibility of a stage show but sadly didn’t get the chance to commit to it. In 2015 we met with the producer, Phil McIntyre, and agreed to develop the idea. Soon after that, Paul Whitehouse came on board and things have been bubbling away ever since. I am very pleased and excited to say that the show will be launching early next year.”

The musical launched on 9 February 2019 at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London.


Set it in around 1989/1990 probably the last gasp of the pubs still had people round the old piano.  The basic plot will be based on John Sullivan’s favourite episode ‘Dates’ where Del Boy tries to woo Raquel.

As well as twenty songs the show will incorporate many of Only Fools’ best gags and famous scenes.








Paul Whitehouse – Grandad
Tom Bennett – Del Boy
Ryan Hutton – Rodney
Dianne Pilkington – Raquel
Pippa Duff –  Cassandra
Jeff Nicholson – Boycie
Samantha Seager – Marlene
Peter Baker –  Trigger


Original Theatre: Theatre Royal
Written By: Jim Sullivan and Paul Whitehouse
Produced By: Phil McIntyre
Music And Lyrics:
Paul Whitehouse
Jim Sullivan
John Sullivan (additional)
Chas Hodges (additional)
Original Opening Date: 19th February 2019

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