Teenage Kicks, 2008

This forgotten gem started life in 2007 as a sitcom on BBC Radio 2.  It was a year later that it was picked up by Phil McIntyre Productions and launched as a TV sitcom on ITV.

Editor’s Note: There would appear to be a contradictions over tx dates.  All research confirms ITV’s sitcom as 2008, however the BBC put 2008 as the tx date for their radio series.

The series managed just eight episodes in 2008.

Originally the TV pilot was to be made for BBC2.  However, ITV took control of the project and commissioned eight episodes.

Paul Jackson who was  ITVs director of entertainment and comedy at the time was quoted as saying, “From the moment I arrived in this job I have made it my mission to bring a quality sitcom back to ITV, this project absolutely does that and I’m very excited about having Ade back on our screens.”

The TV pilot of the first episode was filmed in 2007 with Ben Elton reprising his  role of Bryan, the same role he had played in the original radio version.  For reasons unknown Elton was replaced by Mark Arden for the transmitted version and the following episodes.


Meet Vernon Heath, a 49-year-old former front of punk rock band “The Plague”.

After living off his wife for the last two decades and spending most of his time in the pub, the two are getting a divorce.

Consequently Vernon is forced to move into a student flat occupied by his children Max and Milly as well as their flatmate David.

Vernon believes by moving in with them will take him back to his younger days in the band.  However, things don’t quite go to plan.  Max, Milly and David are disgusted by him.  Worse still his best friend and former Plague member Bryan  appears to have “sold-out”,and is  now working as a deputy head teacher of a primary school and happily married.







Vernon Heath – Ade Edmundson
Max Heath –  Ed Coleman
Milly Heath – Laura Alkman
David – Jonathon Chan-Pensley
Bryan – Mark Arden


Channel: ITV
Created By: Ade Edmundson and Nigel Smith
Original Transmission Dates: 28th March – 16th May 2008

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