Marriage Lines – 1961

Early Richard Briers, Marriage lines was the BBC sitcom that ran for five series through forty six episodes between 1961 and 1966.  Originally entitled The Marriage Lines, the show was later adapted for radio.

The show made it’s debut with a Pilot episode in 1961, but it would be another two years before we would see a full series (1963).

Of the forty six episodes two were specially commissioned shorts, including Christmas Night With The Stars.


George and Kate Starling are a newly-married couple, and tlike many sitcoms that followed, the comedy came from ordinary domestic situations.

George was a junior clerk in an office and wanted the pub camaraderie of the single men in his office, while Kate gets increasingly frustrated by her domestic duties.

In the third series, Kate gives birth to a daughter Helen. The last episode of the fourth series, Goodbye George – Goodbye Kate, showed the couple going to live in Lagos, Nigeria because of George’s jobs. This was meant to be the last episode.

However a fifth series was commissioned, that saw The Starlings returning to England as Kate was pregnant again, she gave birth in the final episode.



Richard Briers – George Starling
Prunella Scales – Kate Starling
Edward de Souza – Miles
Ronald Hines – Peter (series 1)
Christine Finn – Norah (series 1)
Dorothy Black – Kate’s mother
Diana King – George’s mother
Geoffrey Sumner – George’s father


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Richard Waring
Original Transmission Dates: 14th May 1961 – 3rd June 1966


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