Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game, 1990

It was in 1990 that Bruce Forsyth brought back the popular Genearation Game.  Initially it was broadcast on a Friday night, but by series two it was back in it’s rightful place: primetime Saturday night.

As we’ve previously seen the BBC caught on as to the low cost and high popularity of the gameshow in the 1970’s and Bruce Forsyth hosted one of the most popular and entertaining of all gameshows until 1978. Bruce Forsyth And The generation Game.  succeeded by Larry Grayson, ITV’s  Game For A Laugh brought Larry Grayson’s tenure to an end in 1982 at the height of the show’s popularity and with the end of a Saturday night institution.

In 1990 he was back, the master of the audience, Bruce Forsyth returned to the BBC to host a revived version of the show, proving once again that nobody can work an audience like Brucie.


Using the same format the show was given a makeover: new set, new hostess, in the form of Rosemary Ford, an updated version of the original theme tune and of course the name of the show now Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game.

Whilst the show used the familiar format we were treated to some more laughs from a new item that occasionally crept in to the grand finals – a dance routine.  This would often see contestants performing ballroom routines with dummy partners, much to the amusement of the audience.  During Bruce’s final year Jim Davidson stood in for one show.

As with previous series there was the annual Christmas Special usually broadcast on Christmas Day


A treat, the full show of the first Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game.










Starring: Bruce Forsyth and Rosemary Ford


Channel: BBC1

Transmission Date: 7th September 1990 – 24th December 1994


We’ve said it many times before there should be a DVD release for this show but alas nothing.

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    Would it be at all possible for me to obtain a copy of the Bruce Forsyths Generation Game Christmas Special 1990.

    • admin

      The short answer is probably not. The BBC do not generally make copies of programs available to the general public unless via commercially available DVD etc. However if you have made a substantial contribution to a particular show for example, if you were a performer or a member of the production team, then you can request a copy so long as it’s held in the archives. Eligibility criteria can be found at www. Hope this helps and sorry we can’t be more help. You could also try leaving a request in the comments section of one of the You Tube users who show generation game episodes.


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