Not Only…But Also – 1964 – 1970

This was a great comedy in it’s day and even now stands the test of time, but like so many we cover never gets a repeat airing on TV.  A real case of not only but also.

Not Only… But Also was the popular BBC TV comedy series that ran for 24 episodes over three seasons between 1964 and 1970.

The program was originally devised as a solo project for Dudley Moore entitled Not Only Dudley Moore, But Also His Guests.

Dudley Moore, not sure about it as a solo project, invited his friend and partner from Beyond the Fringe Peter Cook to guest in the pilot.  The ‘double act’ was so popular that Peter Cook was invited to become a more permanent fixture and the show became Not Only Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, But Also Their Guests, although it has only ever been refereed to as Not Only…But Also.


The format was that of an unedited sketch show, after the first series the shows would often begin with a sketch revolving around the revealing of the words “NOT ONLY… BUT ALSO…” in huge letters placed in obscure places (for example, the HMS Ark Royal).

The most famous and the most popular parts of the show were the “Dagenham Dialogues” between Pete and Dud.  These were rambling conversations that would often run for five to ten minutes.

Each show would end with Pete and Dud’s rendition of “goodbyee”






Starring: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore


Channel: BBC
Written By: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
Executive Producers:
Dick Clement
Joe Mc Grath
Jimmy Gilbert
John Street
Original Run: 29th November 1964 – 24th December 1970


Much of the original Black and White series has been wiped along with ALL the colour footage.  Some Black and White tele-recordings still exist, but only 16mm film inserts survive of the colour series.


A 100 minute compilation from surviving Black and White material was released by BBC Video in 1990 entitled – The Best Of What’s Left Of Not Only But Also (now deleted).  In 2003 a BBC DVD was released under the title The Best Of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.  This is the same as the previous video tape but missing the third series opening sequence “Tower Bridge”.

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