Goodbye Again, 1968

Goodbye Again was an ITV series starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

Cook and Moore had enjoyed huge success with their BBC series: Not Only But Also.  On the back of this success the BBC made attempts to make another show with the duo but were turned down.  Then head of ATV Lew Grade approached the two comics to make a show for ATV.  He offered a lucrative contract and the opportunity for network exposure in the USA.

The result was a series of our hour-long TV shows.  The first three were recorded in April/May 1968 and a fourth a year later.  Broadcast in the UK on ITV in 1968 and 1969, the shows were then broadcast in the USA in 1969 under the Kraft Music Hall Presents banner on the NBC network.


Sketch show starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.








Starring: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore


Channel: ITV
Written By: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
Produced By: ATV for ITV in UK and NBC in USA
Original Transmission Dates: 18th August – 14th September 1968 (shows 1-3), 3rd August 1969 (4th show)


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