Mike Bassett, England Manager, 2001

Football is not a subject that has caught he eye of comedy writers very much over the years.  Mike Bassett went straight for perhaps the most controversial, the England Manager.

The film took the form of a mockumentary, taking a satirical look at international football and particularly the England Manager.

The film took a pop at many of the familiar events that surround the international game, such as the mysterious figures who run the Football Association and the tabloid press’ constant building up of England only to knock them down hard when things don’t work out.

The film received mixed reviews and a proposed second film Mike Bassett Intrim Manager failed to get off the ground.

However  a spin off TV series Mike Bassett, Manager did manage to hit our screens in 2005.


Mike Bassett, England Manager follows the fortunes of the manager of Division One club Norwich City.  Having lead his club to the’ Mr Clutch Cup’ finds himself appointed England Manager.

Football legends Pele and Ronaldo both make cameo appearances.








Ricky Tomlinson – Mike Bassett
Amanda Redman – Karine Bassett
Bradley Walsh – Dave Dodds
Martin Bashir – Interviewer
Pele – Himself
Ronaldo – Himself


Written By: John B. Smith and Rob Sprackling
Produced By: Steve Barron and Neil Peplow
Directed By: Steve Barron
Original Release Date: 28th September 2001

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