The Enchanting World Of Hinge And Bracket

The Enchanting World Of Hinge And Bracket, 1977

Dr Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket were two fictional characters created and played by two male actors.

After a 1974 appearance at thew Edinburgh Festival and several years touring The Enchanting World Of Hinge And Bracket was the duo’s first radio series.

After a pilot episode broadcast in 1976, the show was broadcast on a Wednesday lunchtime (series 1), Monday evenings (series 2) and Wednesday evenings (series 3) on BBC Radio.

Running for three series it managed a mammoth thirty eight episodes before it ended in 1979.

The series is among the shows repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra


We join the Dear Ladies: Hinge and Bracket as they go about their daily lives in the fictional village of Stackton Tressel, Suffolk.










Dr Evadne Hinge – George Logan
Dame Hilda Bracket – Patrick Fyffe


Channel: BBC Radio 4
Written By: Mike Craig, Laurie KinsleyRon Mc Donnell
Produced By: James Casey
Original Broadcast Dates:
23rd August 1976 (pilot)
16th March 1977 – 19th September 1979