The Enchanting World Of Hinge And Bracket, 1977

Dr Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket were two fictional characters created and played by two male actors.

After a 1974 appearance at thew Edinburgh Festival and several years touring The Enchanting World Of Hinge And Bracket was the duo’s first radio series.

After a pilot episode broadcast in 1976, the show was broadcast on a Wednesday lunchtime (series 1), Monday evenings (series 2) and Wednesday evenings (series 3) on BBC Radio.

Running for three series it managed a mammoth thirty eight episodes before it ended in 1979.

The series is among the shows repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra


We join the Dear Ladies: Hinge and Bracket as they go about their daily lives in the fictional village of Stackton Tressel, Suffolk.








Dr Evadne Hinge – George Logan
Dame Hilda Bracket – Patrick Fyffe


Channel: BBC Radio 4
Written By: Mike Craig, Laurie KinsleyRon Mc Donnell
Produced By: James Casey
Original Broadcast Dates:
23rd August 1976 (pilot)
16th March 1977 – 19th September 1979


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