Snakes And Ladders, 1989

If we mentioned the names Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran you’d know who we were talking about and if we also mentioned John Gordon Sinclair and Adrian Edmondson you’d still be with us, right?

But it’s forgotten sitcoms time once more and this is another one from Channel 4.  Snakes and Ladders ran for 7 episodes in 1989.


Snakes and Ladders was a fun satire set in a bleak future Britain.

The year is 1999 and there is now a literal North/South divide between England and Scotland.

Whilst Giles lives a blessed life in the riches of Chipping Sodbury – mostly thanks to his gruesomely wealthy father – Gavin has to pick his way through the rubble strewn poverty of Glasgow.

However all this all changes when a case of mistaken identity finds them swapping roles, much to Giles’ absolute horror.

There’s also a classic Rik Mayall cameo


These clips are taken from 2 different platforms so might not be suitable on al mobile phones but no problems on tablets, PC.s etc






John Gordon Sinclair – Gavin
Adrian Edmundson – Giles
Ed Devereaux – Computer Voice
June Watson – Gavin’s Mum
Phil McCall – Gavin’s Dad
Christopher Godwin – Mr Haverty


Channel: Channel 4
Written By: Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran
Produced By: Yorkshire Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 17th October – 28th November 1989



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