Revolting Women 1981

It’s forgotten TV time again.

“Heard the one about the Englishwoman, the Irishwoman and the Scotswoman? You haven’t?” is how the Radio Times trailed Revolting Women, a late night comedy series with a difference; it contained sketches and stand-up from a feminine perspective. With even the BBC Manchester caption amended to BBC Womanchester,.

Revolting Women was created mostly by: yes you guessed it – women and starred only one male, Philip Bird.  Running for 1 series of 5 episodes in 1981, after a pilot episode in January the same year, the series was a dig at what was seen as the male dominated world of British television.


A mix of sketches and stand up from the female perspective.

In one particular sketch a man, desperately trying to report a mugging, is turned away by a WPC who accuses him of asking for it.  Another sketch featured a a male feminist forever ignoring his female colleague’s comments.





Alison Skilbeck
Linda Broughton
Jeni Barnett
Phillip Bird
Linda Dobell




Channel: BBC2
Written By:
Alison Skilbeck, Linda Broughton, Jeni Barnett and Phillip Bird all wrote 6 episodes
Linda Dobell wrote 5 episodes and guest star Marcella Evaristi wrote 1 episode
Original Transmission Dates: 22nd January (pilot), 18th September – 16th October 1981


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