Parkinson - 1971 Celebrating 50 years!Yes it's 50 years since Michael Parkinson hosted his first  chat show.Over the years the chat show has been the main stay of television and their can be no chat sh...
bruce and anthea switch sides o host bruce forsythia's big night

The Legend Of Saturday Night TV

The Very Best Of Saturday Night Classics How many do you remember?Perhaps one of the most remembered Saturday night shows? Rogers and Dusty Bin

Give Us A Clue

Give Us A Clue, 1979 Give Us A Clue was the long running game show version of charades.The original series was broadcast weekdays for three hundred and three episodes over seventeen series.  The show has g...
michael parkinson, mike smith and sarah greene present ghostwatch

Happy Halloween

It was sixteen years ago today that the BBC scared the living daylights out of the viewing public.  Be prepared to be scared out of your wits again as we take you back to when Michael Parkinson presented..... ...