Give Us A Clue, 1979

Give Us A Clue was the long running game show version of charades.

The original series was broadcast weekdays for three hundred and three episodes over seventeen series.  The show has gained something of a cult status and is frequently parodied in British comedy.

After the original ITV series finished in 1991, it would be picked up six years later in 1997 by the BBC who ran it for one series, but still managing to run for thirty episodes.


The game is based on the traditional game of charades where players use mime rather than speaking to demonstrate a name, phrase, book, play, film or TV programme.

Two celebrity teams compete.  One male team captained by Lionel Blair and a female team captained by Una Stubbs and later Liza Goddard.

Each player was given roughly two minutes to act out their given subject in front of his/her team, and if the others were unsuccessful in guessing correctly, the opposing team would have a chance to answer for a bonus point.

BBC Revival

for the BBC version the captains were Christopher Blake and Julie Peasgood.  There was also the addition of a lateral thinking puzzle to which the host could give clues to.







Hosted By

Michael Aspel (1979 – 83)
Michael Parkinson (1983 – 91)
Tim Clark (1997)

Team Captains

Lionel Blair (1979 – 91)
Una Stubbs (1979 – 85)
Liza Goddard (1986 – 1991)
Christopher Blake (1997)
Julie Peasgood (1997)


Channel: ITV and BBC1
Original Transmission Dates:
2nd January 1979 – 25th October 1991 (ITV)
10th November – 19th December 1997 (BBC)

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