The 99p Challenge

The 99p Challenge, 1998

The 99p Challenge is a spoof panel game originally broadcast on BBC Radio.

Five series of six episodes each were broadcast between 1998 and 2004.  This was actually the second version of the panel game that had previously transmitted by BBC Radio 4 in 1998 as King Stupid. It was then hosted by William Vandyck, featuring much the same line-up of comedians and satirists.  In this version contestants were awarded points instead of pence.


Panelists are given silly tasks by host Sue Perkins and are awarded  pence for being funny.

The player with the most money at the end of the show is given the chance to win 99p.

It has been shown in some episodes that the gamble is compulsory, even if the winner has amassed a fortune of more than 99p in the game.








Channel: BBC Radio 4
Written By
Kevin Cecil
Andy Riley

Jon Holmes
Tony Roche
Original Transmission Dates: 22nd September 1998 – 29 September 2004