They’re Here At Last ! and Sheriff Roscoe Looses His Final Chase

Newzoids Gets A Start Date

It’s been a long time coming but ITV have finally released ther launch date for their highly anticipated new satire show Newzoids.

First we had Spitting Image, then 2DTV, then there was headcases now just in time for an election we have Newzoids.  ITV are hoping to catch some of the old magic with this new show

The new show comes almost two decades after sketch show Spitting Image finished.
Spittiong Image, which ran from 1984 to 1996, used to attract around 15million viewers with its sketches of Margaret Thatcher, John Major, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, all of whom were recreated with rubber puppets.  However in the age of multi channel TV audiences of this size are unlilkely.  Unfortunately modern day TV is probably too politically correct to re-create the original magic, but you never know.

ITV’s director of entertainment and comedy, Elaine Bedell, has promised a ‘biting look at the world of politics and celebrity’.

She said: ‘ITV has a rich history of playing popular satirical comedy in peak time on its main channel, and it seemed a good time to revive it this year.

‘We are pleased to be adding to our growing comedy portfolio with this funny and biting look at the world of politics and celebrity.’

Spitting Image

Newzoids starts on ITV1 April 15th at 9.00pm

Sheriff Roscoe – Actor James Best Dies


We’ve featured many great comedy characters on this site Hancock, Steptoe, Captain Mainwaring, to name just a few.  Naturally these were all British.  However not all great comic characters are British.  In the news today we hear that actor James Best who played the bumbling Sheriff in The Dukes Of Hazard has died aged 88.  The Dukes Of Hazard is one of the funniest shows from the USA to hit UK TV screens, it’s high octane car chases and stunts were a huge hit with British audiences, but just as popular was the comedy it produced alongside in the form of the bumbling Sheriff Roscoe played by James Best, surely one of the funniest comedy creations to ever hit TV screens.