The Ed And Zed Show, 1970

Early Saturday morning Kids TV show hosted by then Radio 1 DJ Ed Stewart, alongside co-host rebel robot: Zed.

Ed And Zed ran for just nine 20 minute episodes in 1970.  Of those nine episodes, surprisingly for the time, seven still exist.


The show’s opening credits saw Ed Stewart cycling through the streets of London en route to Television Centre.  the show then opens with a musical number as Stewpot finally makes it to the studio.  Once there he is joined by co host robot Zed who has a brummie accent.

There’d be an opening segment, more pop music, then a crime solving feature called Ed the Eminent Expert.  The show also featured mini sketches shot on location and Ed’s Electric Kinema featuring clips from The Wizard Of Oz and Disney classics.


Here’s two shows too corny to carve up into clips






Ed Stewart
Anthony Jackson – Voice of Zed


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Paul Ciani and Jack Tinker
Original Transmission Dates: 24th October – 19th December, 1970

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