Tim Brooke Taylor is among the stars of this BBC Radio comedt series hello cheeky

Hello Cheeky

Hello Cheeky, 1973

BBC Radio comedy series that ran for five series on BBC Radio 2 between 1973 and 1975.  Sixty one episodes were made along with six specials.

Hello Cheeky gained a reputation for its puns. For example “I once spent an evening with twelve Benedictines. What happened? I drank them all and fell over” and “Enoch Powell sent me a draught board for Christmas. Trouble is, all the squares are white.”

On 6 April 1975, before a live audience in the Paris  “The Least Worst of Hello Cheeky” was recorded.  It was produced by Bob Rogers. From the two hour show, 45 minutes was released on vinyl. Two 30 minute shows containing material from this recording session were broadcast on 25 January and 1 February 1976.

In 1976 the show transferred to television being broadcast on ITV by Yorkshire Television.  It used the same writers and performers.

The TV version was not so well received and managed only two series.


The series was a quickfire sketch show.

Regular segments would include the quickfire “meanwhile”s, “would you believe it?”s, “home hints for the handyman”, phone calls, news flashes and comic songs, a number of which had previously been recorded by Marty Feldman.

The final sketch frequently featured a comic amalgam of three ostensibly serious broadcasts (e.g. Z-Cars, Gardeners’ Question Time and A Book At Bedtime).









Tim Brooke-Taylor
Barry Cryer
John Junkin


BBC Radio 2
ITV (television series)
Produced By:  
David Hatch
Richard Willcox
Bob Oliver Rogers.
Len Lurcuck
Duncan Wood (Executive
Original Transmission Dates:
7th April 1973 – 11th November 1975 (Radio)
19th January – 22nd March 1976 (TV)